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I will analyse these two poems, “The One For Mr. Mohd Noor” by Evanna Mohamad Ramly and “Life’s Not A Brief Candle” by Haryanti Liyana Azmeen Mohd Razali. Both poems talk on the same element but in different aspects. The images that are used in both poems are completely different. Thus, both poems need to be treated differently. Both poets have used variety of elements to create their poem. Thus, both poems need to be analysed using different rules. By taking candle as the main element, both poets are viewing the candle from a different perspective in their respective poems. Both poets interpret the meaning of the candle according to their experience of life.

In this analysis, I will basically elaborate on the elements of poems and the issue involved in these poems. Before I begin analysing, I will explain the meaning of candle from my perspective. Different people view candle in different ways. As for me, candle refers to obstacles that we will face in our life. When we lit up a candle, we notice that the flame is not stable as it has chances to extinguish. Thus, it shows that in life, nothing will go smoothly. There will be ups and downs. We have to go with the flow; otherwise, we will face more difficulties. As the candle burns, the wax will gather around at the bottom and will harden as time passes. The wax there represents the difficulties that we must face in our life. The burden of life will always be on our shoulders but if we take it in a positive way, it will help us to overcome all the problems that we face. We must take candle as a hope. Deep in our heart, we know that we need to face this life but with the help of the light from the candle, we will be able to make it.

The main idea is people have different ways of expressing gratitude for others. In the first poem, it has only one stanza. The overall meaning of the stanza is the persona has worked hard to gain knowledge and as the time passes, the persona gets old. Yet, even after the persona is gone, he is remembered by someone. For the second poem, it has four stanzas. The first stanzas talks on how different poet takes the meaning of candle differently. For the poet, the candle means life but for Macbeth, it is meaningless. In second stanza, the poet compares the teacher to light, saying that teacher is the light who lights on those who are lost and are in darkness. In third stanza, the poet emphasize that the teacher will keep on working hard to form her students into someone useful. The last stanza talks on the life that a teacher has to go through. Moving on to the analysis, “candle” means a cylinder or block of wax or tallow with a central wick that is lit to produce light as it burns. (Web Definition) In the first poem, which is “The One For Mr. Mohd Noor”, the poet speaks of another person. In second poem, “Life’s Not A Brief Candle”, the poet talks about a teacher. Actually the poet is reflecting to herself because at the end of the poem, we get to know that she is a teacher too, /It is what, us teachers do!/. the word “us” indicates that she is a teacher. The teacher is a lady as the poet uses the pronoun “she”. In each poem, I noticed the poet used different emotions. Before I began talking on both poems, I will talk on the similarities that can be found in both poems. The main is both poems states that the teacher ...

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