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Candles Wind Essay

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Candles in the Wind There are books written that have a message that is so powerful people remember them. After reading a book like All Quiet on the Western Front, one is able to relate what happened to the characters to his or her own life and they look at situations differently. This is a novel that has a lasting effect on those who read it. It is compassionate, very strongly written, and contains intense emotions from young men serving for their country.

In the novel, a main theme is that war causes suffering. The three different types of suffering detected are emotional, physical, and social suffering. There are many different examples of all three types of suffering scattered throughout the novel and they are examined below.

Emotional suffering is directly connected to the men's mental state of mind. The reason for this is that if a man is healthy mentally they will not experience abnormal emotions. But, if a man isn't mentally healthy then they may experience bizarre emotions and stop using reason and common sense. At one point Paul Baumer, the narrator of the novel, says, "We...

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