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Candomble Essay

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In the 1600’s more than three million African slaves were shipped to Brazil for working on sugar plantations. At the time, cane crops were producing greater wealth for the Europeans than all of Britain’s efforts combined. The growing empire produced a need for workers (McMurray 2009). The African slaves provided cheap labor and resistance to emerging diseases. Salvador Bahia, the most concentrated area of Africans in Brazil, soon became home to religious practices such as one called Candomble. The Candomble belief system quickly became one of many defining characteristics, worship practices, community unification and symbolism. There are a few characteristics important to the Candomble religion. Candomble is a decentralized, non-ecclesiastical religion. It is also syncretic¸ incorporating both Western and African beliefs. Candomble nurses a broad spectrum of Orixas, or ...

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