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Candomblé is a religion developed in Brazil by enslaved Africans who attempted to recreate their culture in a new and foreign land. Candomblé became the melding of the mainly the Yoruba traditions and other minor African traditions with the Catholic customs of Brazil. The enslaved Africans were from several diverse ethnic groups within West and Central Africa, the dominate group being the Yoruba. The high concentration of the Yoruba in Brazil allowed their religion to prevail over other African religious practices at the time. They efficiently adapted their practices to imitate those enforced Brazil, using Catholic icons to camouflage their traditions. The Yoruba practices, over time, became institutionalized and flourished.

Initially, when living freely in Africa, the Yoruba people deemed the forces of nature spiritual beings they identified as Orixás. The Orixás became deities associated with African weather patterns, geographical features, extended families, regions, and influential lineages in those regions. When colonization was at its prime, the African people living in West Africa were snatched and forced into slavery. These people were allowed to bring nothing to ...

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