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Steinbeck presents Candy as a character to be pitied in many ways: When Carlson demands that Candy removes the dog from the bunkhouse, this makes us pity Candy as he feels he has to apologise for the smell, even though he has “.. been around him so much” that he no longer notices “ he stinks.” The old dog has been with Candy for a long time, it is his only companion and Candy ‘squirmed uncomfortably’ when Carlson told him to shoot the dog. This statement shows that it is hard for Candy to think about such a thing, and the way Steinbeck describes Candy’s movements makes the reader share his uneasiness. Candy speaks “softly”, as the dog is a sensitive topic to him. He doesn’t shout at the men for bringing up such a topic of killing his dog, so it seems that he is not completely against the idea. Candy’s dog par...

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