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Candy And Crooks Essay

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The novella “Of Mice and Men” is set in 1930’2 America during the Great Depression, a time when many people lost everything including homes and jobs and consequently forces to live an itinerant lifestyle, moving from place to place. People were lonely, isolated and without security: Unable to build a life for themselves. The American Dream has died with them – it’s a myth. Crooks and Candy are two characters who are symbols of the victims of the Great Depression – they are both lonely and discriminated against by not only those on the ranch but by others in the society they lived in. Crooks and Candy are practically charity cases. Candy lost one hand in farm machine and Crooks had his spine badly injured by a horse. At the time in which the events of the story occur, employers had no legal liability for work injuries. (Since then there has been considerable legislation mandating workman's compensation insurance, and there are other federal measures protecting people who are no longer capable of supporting themselves.) The owner of th...

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