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Towers Analia's mother died of a delirious fever when she was born and her father could not bear the sadness and two weeks later there was a pistol shot in the chest. He agonized for several days with his wife's name on his lips. His brother Eugenio administered lands and ordered the family destination of the little orphan at its discretion. Until six years Analia clinging to the skirts grew an Indian loves the service rooms of the house of his tutor and later, aged just had to go to school, was sent to the capital, internally at the College of the Sisters Sacred Heart, where he spent the next twelve years. It was a good student and loved the discipline, austerity of the stone building, the chapel with her court of saints and aroma of wax and lilies, naked riders, shady courtyards. What attracted her was less bustle of the pupils and the acrid smell of the classroom. Whenever he could escape the vigilance of the nuns, hiding in the attic, between decapitated statues and broken furniture, to tell stories themselves. In those stolen moments plunged in silence with the feeling of indulging in sin. Every six months received a short note from his uncle Eugenio recommending her to behave and honor the memory of his parents, who had been two good Christian life and be proud that his only daughter devote their existence to the highest precepts of the virtue, ie a novice entered the convent. But Analia him know from the first hint that he was not prepared to do and firmly maintained its position just to contradict him, because deep religious life liked. Hidden behind the habit, in solitude ultimate renunciation of any pleasure, perhaps you might find lasting peace, he thought, but his instinct warned him against the advice of his tutor. He suspected that his actions were motivated by the greed of land, rather than family loyalty. Nothing from him seemed trustworthy, at some loophole was cheating. When Analia was sixteen, his uncle came to visit the school for the first time. Mother Superior called the girl into his office and had to submit, because both had changed much since the days of Indian love in backyards and not recognized. I see that the Sisters have taken good care of you, 'said the uncle Analia stirring her cup of chocolate. You look healthy and even pretty. In my last letter I notified you that as of the date of this birthday will receive a monthly sum for your expenses, as stipulated in her will my brother, rest in peace. - How much? A hundred pesos. - Is it all that left my parents? -No, of course not. You know that the property belongs to you, but agriculture is not a task for a woman, especially in these times of strikes and revolutions. For the moment I will get an allowance that'll increase each year until you come of age. Then we'll see. - Will we see what, man? We'll see what suits you. - What are my alternatives? -Always need a man to administer the field, girl. I've done all these years and has not been easy, but it is my duty, I promised my brother in his last hour and am willing to do so for you. -You should not do it for much longer, man. When I get married I will take care of my land. - When you marry, said the girl? Tell me, Mother, is that you have a suitor? - How is it, Mr. Torres! We care much for girls. It's just a manner of speaking. What things does this girl! Analia Torres stood, stretched the folds of the uniform, made a mocking curtsy and left rather. The Mother Superior poured more chocolate the gentleman, saying that the only explanation for this behavior was rude little contact that she had with her family. She is the only student who never takes a vacation and who have never sent a Christmas Nun said dryly. -I am not a...

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