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Candy Industry Essay

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Candy is a love for many people around the world young and old, but has anyone thought about what you are actually consuming. Plants, fruits, etc. that are used to make candy are produced with synthetic or chemical fertilizers, weeds are controlled with chemical herbicides and insecticides are used to manage pests and disease, all of those chemical are in your candy you consume. Along with chemicals there are artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Studies from American Academy of Pediatrics have shown that this artificial ingredients increase hyperactivity and decrease attention span in a wide range of children with and without learning disability. The question is what you should do about this problem. Organic candy is answer. Our specialized candy will enter the market as USDA organic hard candy with a great taste. Starting with the organic portion of our candy, the organic industry has been on the rise for 10 years and entering the market at this time is great because organic products ...

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