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Prof. Augustino
Nose Candy Land

I was never so skeptical about getting out of bed, even for the first day of school. But the summer after high school graduation this was expected. I was out of bed at 5 a.m. , the time every other kid in my graduating class was getting home from parties the night before. But no, instead of me stumbling into my house in a drunken haze I’m out the door and on my way to catch the ferry to The Pines, on Fire Island. A week prior to my first day of work I met with Greg, my new boss/Drill Sargent. Greg had informed me that the part of Fire Island id be working on has always been completely populated with homosexuals, and trans-genders. The thought of making thirteen dollars an hour at my age sounded spectacular.

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05 1 3/28/14 45 5 6 6.30 7 a.m addict age ahead alon along alway amount anger area around arriv augustino away back bag bathroom becom bed begin belong beneath blanket blast board boat bodi boss boss/drill break bring bump call candi car carri catch check civic class clean closet come complet cop could couldn cut dark day decid discomfort dish dock dollar door dread dress drive drug drunken ear earli employ employe enter even everi everyon expect feat feel ferri figur final find fine fire first flamboy fli floor foot forward freedom fryer full garbag gay gender general get girl go grab graduat greg guy halt hate haze head headphon hell high home homosexu honda hour hous hung id idea immedi impress inform instead instruct island jon jump kid kill kind knew land leav left less let line live long look lot luggag m make men met mine minut mop morn much mysteri never new night none normal nose nosey one onto open organ park part parti past peopl pine pipe pit place ponder poor popul posit powder prevent prior probabl prof proven provid pull question ranch rattl realiz receipt recommend remov repli requir rest return right rise roar rob room roommat rush sanit sargent sayvill school see set settl shake shift sinc sit skeptic smarter smoke snort soonest sound spectacular spot start stereotyp still stumbl summer sun suppli take thing thirteen thought thru till time toll toss tradit tran trans-gend transvestit trunk two vacant various ve visit vivid wait walk washer watch water way week west work would wrong