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Depend on the evolution of today's worldwide scale business, the global marketing has significantly changed since Ward War 2. There by, some companies and other departments need such cooperation often involve the alignment of different culture. In this essay will illustrate what is multicultural work group, why firms need it, and the effects on both advantage and disadvantage sides.

First state the meaning of multicultural work group. Anthropologists and sociologists state culture as way of living, as a group of human being, traditional pass on from one generation to another. A cultural group out its way of living in the context of social institutions. Including family, religious, educational and business institution (Keegan and Green 2005).

Based on today's situation, increasing tendence of international business as well as other reasons require a mix-work group. Economic integration showed 10 percent at the beginning of the twentieth century, increasing to 50 percent today(Keegan and Green 2005). The present situation in U.S can show this mix-cultural tendence. Department labor's Bereau of labor's Statistics (BLS) projects, ethnic and immigrants take the biggest part in projects in U.S. After that, workforce, with growth rate for Asia American account for 44%, Latin Americans (36%), and Africa Americans(21%). However Whites lag far behind just for 9%( Kevin S. Groves and Ann E 2011).

Multicultural work group some times result from the needs of the compan...

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