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Cane Toad Essay

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Cane Toad in Australia
Figure [ 1 ] - A labelled diagram of an adult cane toad. Source:, accessed 12 Nov 11 Figure [ 1 ] - A labelled diagram of an adult cane toad. Source:, accessed 12 Nov 11

The Cane toad (Bufo marinus) is a large ground dwelling toad native to Central and South America but has also been introduced to many islands in the Caribbean and Oceania regions where it is now considered to be a pest. The skin of the Cane toad is dry and warty and ranges in colour from grey to olive brown with a pale belly containing irregular dark spots. The average length of an adult ranges from 10-15 cm however female cane toads have been recorded growing over 23 cm long. At all stages of the cane toads life cycle (eggs tadpoles toadlets adult toad) it is poisonous. In the adult toad, it has poison glands (parotoid glands) in each shoulder which, when threatened, secretes a milky-white fluid called bufotoxin. Bufotoxin (when ingested) can cause rapid heartbeat, excessive salvation, convulsions and paralysis and may result in death for many animals. The diet of a cane toad is indiscriminate (cane toads eat most things dead or alive). They most commonly consume small rodents, insects, reptiles, birds, other toads/frogs, and have been known to eat pet food and garbage. -------------------------------------------------

Introduction in Australia

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