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 Sureyya Kahraman
The Canela Indians of Brazil.
The Canela people are native people who live in the upper east portion of Brazil. They live in the Eastern part of the Brazilian State of Maranhao, in a Savanna and woodland area with stream edge forests. They inhibit an area between the wet Amazon basin and the dry Northeast. While most of the Canelas cultural cousins live in the Amazon basin, the waters of the Canela’s region flow directly north into the Atlantic. The Canela traditionally live in a large circular villages built with houses in a circle, connected to a central plaza by radiating pathways. Which, contained 1,000 to 1,500 people. Currently as of 2002, some 1300 Canela live in just one large circular village in the center of Maranhao state about 40 miles south of Barra do Corda is the nearest urban community, which takes three hours to reach the Canela village by way of a winding, jeep track road and about 400 miles southeast of the mouth of the Amazon. They are a hunting and gathering style of people who also have been known to do some cultivating through agriculture as well. The Canela speak Ge`, a language family that includes the Timbira peoples, who lived near the Tocantins River as well as across Maranhao state and beyond the Parnaiba River in the center of Piaui state.

The Canela have a kinship system that holds their society together, and how the unusual sex practices create satisfying bonds among the people. The Web of Kinship Consanguine and affinal kinship. In tribal worlds, Kinship is crucially important, far more than in in most expressions of Western Culture. The kinship shop system determines what kin and affine call each other and furnishes most of the social structure of a tribe. Kinship crates expectations of behavior that are powerful guidelines even though individuals deviate from them in practice, what is different from tribe t...

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