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CanGo Analysis
Final Report
Sherry Youngs, Alheri Gajere, Oksana Harbar,
Hope Muhammad and Binish Maroof
Be Bold Consulting

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
Analysis 2
SWOT Analysis (Oksana Harbar) 2
Market Analysis (Alheri Gajere) 5
Competitive Analysis (Binish Maroof) 7
Financial Analysis (Sherry Youngs) 8
Strategic Recommendations 9
Conclusion 9
Works Cited 10
Appendix 11

Be Bold Consulting has been invited to provide CanGo with solutions and recommendations towards the advancement of the company. Over the last two months Be Bold has observed the operations of CanGo’s managers and employees. Through our observations we have found a number of issues and have several recommendations. Be Bold suggests that CanGo can better understand their company by learning how to make better decisions for the future of the company. One major recommendation is for CanGo to define itself by developing a mission and vision statement. By creating a vision and mission statement CanGo will have a better understanding of the future. Mission and vision statements can help narrow their focus and only choose the path that best fits that of CanGo. Currently, CanGo has just made decisions without really understanding how it could or would affect the company. If CanGo follows our recommendations and constructs a mission/vision statement it could improve their company standing, by drawing in possible employees with the same values or investors that believe in what CanGo stands for.

As CanGo knows, Be Bold was brought in to analysis the operations and policies of CanGo. Be Bold has done this by looking at some important factors and has enlisted specific individuals to perform these analysis. Oksana Harbar is going to provide a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) Analysis, Alheri Gajere will present the Market Analysis, Binish Maroof will provide the Competitive Analysis, Sherry Youngs will inform CanGo on Financial Analysis issues, and Hope will bring forth some Strategic Recommendations. Each of these members of CanGo was picked specifically due to their background in these fields.

SWOT is an acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWOT analysis will help CanGo understand the opportunities that are available and what threats may affect its operations. Before moving forward CanGo needs to assess the position they currently have in the market place. The use of a SWOT analysis technique will be beneficial at this point and will serve as the baseline to elaborate on a strategic plan for the organization. Be Bold has been observing CanGo’s operations for a couple of months, and have developed the following preliminary SWOT Analysis from these observations:

* Purchase an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) to help improve the warehouse. An automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) is a great solution for CanGo’s inventory handling. * CanGo has experienced exponential growth in their first two years of operation. CanGo has been recognized as one of the fastest growing small business in the Hudson Valley. * Constant interest in research and improving company. As we can see that CanGo is always looking for something new, they are always trying to beat their competitors, they are constantly trying to improve company, and find another way to be successful and gain profit. Weaknesses

* CanGo, Inc. has no vision or mission statement. Growth opportunities are imminent and the possibility to go public requires a clear vision and mission statement in order to understand their direction on the market * CanGo is lacking in management by objectives (MBO). The aim of MBO is to increase organizational performance by aligning goal and subordinate objectives throughout the organization. * CanGo is missing a strategic management plan. A strategic approach will ...

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