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This report presents the meetings that have taken place here at CanGo. For the short time I have been observing I have learned that CanGo is a small company but is one of the fastest growing companies around. During the meetings none of the staff members talked about the effects that online gaming would have. Furthermore, staff didn’t ask opinions on the online gaming topic they also didn’t speak about price of stock or how it contribute to the overall strategy. Some employees would like to see some firm financial projections before implementing the online gaming. During the meeting the staff assumes they would have to settle for the preliminary marketing plan. The staff seems they are not properly organized to do research on the online gaming. CanGo Is a much unorganized company in which it needs to find better methods for developing an implementation plan for CanGo's online gaming systems. I have also observed that CanGo wants to train staff for production and operation and CanGo doesn’t want to outsource because it is fun to develop. Research was not conducted before each meeting which means that staff was unprepared. The employees seem hesitant as to asking questions. The employees at CanGo don’t work together and are not working in a team setting as should be implemented. .Furthermore, the company doesn’t determine what this online gaming includes. Further, the company didn’t speak to determine what would be the various levels of support it would provide to its customers. CanGo didn’t develop a strategy explaining how it will conduct its business. I also understood that CanGo has been very successful, even to the extent that the founder and CEO, Liz, was asked to speak about her success at the local Hudson Valley Business Association. We further learned that the marketplace is changing for CanGo and that new business processes are needed (including supporti...

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