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One issue is control how to protect the owner’s interest In the beginning the owner is notified that she is awarded leader of the year but she is not sure how her company became so successful Had Can Go been more on top of the planning, they would know what opportunities were missed, what was overlooked.

The strategic planning process at CanGo can be described as
a. purposeful and well directed.
b. deliberate and intended.
c. haphazard and emergent.
d. none of the above.
Your Answer: c
Correct Answer: c
Liz realizes that much of CanGo's success has had little to do with planning and more to do with "luck" and being at the right place at the right time. She can't really take credit for what has happened at CanGo and has not developed a formal game plan for CanGo.  


In order for Liz to develop a more deliberate strategic management process, she must:  
a. follow a planning process that is linear and inflexible.
b. establish committees to decide what the process should entail.  
c. examine only the organization's operation.
d. use the strategic management process.
e. do none of the above.
Your Answer: d
Correct Answer: d
Liz would have to make a conscious decision about how she wants to institute a strategic management process. The planning process may appear linear and inflexible; however, it is a continuous, evolving process which allows firms to shape both their planning approaches and the content of their plans to fit the organization's market perspectives and strategic positions. The methodology for deciding what the process should entail is entirely up to the owner/manager, although decision-mak...

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