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Issues for Weeks 3 and 4

After evaluating CanGo for the last 4 weeks, we feel there are some issues that stand out that should be considered before moving forward with this new on-line gaming venture. The following are what we consider the issues that CanGo needs to be aware of and recommendations to address each. The angle that the marketing department is taking needs to be fully evaluated. The type(s) of customer CanGo will be taking on should be fully understood. The customer service department should be highly considered. The current inventory management system needs to be rethought. The phone system that is presently in place needs to be updated. The proposed second ASRS system many not be necessary at this point. CanGo’s gaming customer base is the X and the Y Generation also known at the Millennial Generation. These two segments of the buying population “will outnumber Baby Boomers in 2010” ( (Henderson, 2006). They are also referred to at the NextGen, GenY and Echo Boomers. The generation born 1961 to 1981 (several different opinions on the actual date range) is called Generation X (Gen X) and is considered the X Generation are the most over indulged generation so far. They were doted on by their parents due to having extra money in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Along with the divorced parents that double incomes, remarried and sub placing the divorce guilt. Generation Y (Gen Y) dates from 1982 to 2003, again no definitive dates have been set, but widely believed. They are the premier generation to fully grow up with all cell phones and computers in use over land lines and no home computers. They are “experiential and exploratory learners…(and) strongly prefer learning by doing” (Sweeney, 2006). According to Sweeney, “they almost never read the directions; love to learn…multiplayer gaming, computer simulations, and social networks (that) provide little penalty for trial and error learning”. As little as four years ago, this generation was being noted for its extensive use of gaming and how it has had “a very significant impact upon their expectations for learning…(because it) offers thrills, competition, engagemen...

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