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Cango Analysis Essay

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My initial observation is that CanGo is a company that has had some success so far. Liz and her company have many great ideas for the future of the company. However, they still need to create a mission statement to show what the company is trying to accomplish as well as what they are about. Liz was given an award, and just glossed over the story, because she had no idea how CanGo came to where they are. There was lack of planning, and didn’t even have a vision for her company. CanGo has identified a growing trend within the gaming industry that they want to use to bring them success, which is online gaming. They only problem is that they have taken on an area that is not within their normal range of business. Without looking at the challenges or risks, CanGo has jumped on board.

When looking into the SWOT analysis of the company. It is sad to say but the strength that I could come up with is luck. Due to the lack of planning, and many other areas, I am surprised CanGo has made the success that it has. Yes, CanGo does have some employees that know what...

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