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BUSN460Week 2The first video opens with Liz on her yacht; she gets a call from the President of the Hudson Valley Chamber of Commerce Julienne, he informs Liz that she has won the Regions Business Leader of the Year and he asks her to speak at the next Chamber of Commerce meeting about the how and the why of CanGo's success. Liz is a bit hesitant and not sure, she is deserving of the award.

I then observe Liz in her home office trying to put together a speech that would detail CanGo's business plan; Liz says that CanGo was not build around a business plan but was rather an accident and they have gone on from there. She gets frustrated and says she is unable to put together a speech on CanGo's success.

Liz is then seen at the Chamber of Commerce meeting giving her speech; she tells them how she built CanGo and the questions she asked herself. Liz then made the reference of her being too busy trying to make a better mouse trap instead of giving better cheese. In the next scene, she is seen talking with a member of her staff, she is going over the speech she gave. Liz told her employee about the reference to cheese and she was a bit taken aback. Her employee says that she knew that her lack of formal planning would get the better of her some day.

The next scene shows Liz discussing with her staff a new idea; Liz wants to get into the online gaming business. Andrew is quite excited and jumps right in; they start brainstorming and throws out ideas and concerns. They want to get ahead of the competition, they are toying at the idea of hiring a partner or outsourcing, they toss out the idea of going international, some are afraid there may be developmental and money issues. Liz asks Andrew to come up with a preliminary marketing plan and they will discuss this again at a later date.

I see a concerned employee; she asks Clarke where he sees the future of the company. She is afraid that this is a lot of money and they want to know how this will affect the price of their stock, the company strategy as well as the other risks associated with the project. They both would like to see a firm financial prediction before proceeding but that will not happen because Liz has asked Andrew for just a preliminary marketing plan.

Andrew is seen talking to Nick, he wants Nick to come up with an implementation plan for the project. He does not want to overestimate the customers or planning issues. He wants Nick to come up with a plan that will include all of the advantages for CanGo to implement this project. Nick goes to his desk but seems disoriented and unorganized. Whitney comes over to talk about last night's game and Nick informs her that he did not watch it because he was busy doing work. Whitney does not believe him and walks away. Nick tells two colleagues that have come over to his desk to help that he needs to come up with a plan that will include hardware, software and bandwidth issues. Nick has a long to do list and has nothing prioritized. Nick is asked if he needs help but he refuses.

We next see Nick confused and unorganized, not knowing where to start, Debbie comes over and asks once again if he would like her help once again Nick turns down Debbie. He finally caves in after Debbie asks for the third time; Nick is told that he should not wing such an important project and he needs to get organized, prioritize and use a Gantt chart to do so. Nick is lost because he does not know what a Gantt chart is, Debbie sits down with Nick and starts prioritizing his tasks. We then see Whitney walk into Debbie's office and start talking to Nick about her mp3 player and tells him to come look. Nick gets distracted and is being led away by Whitney but is stopped by Debbie and another colleague. He is told that he needs to focus on the task at hand.

Next we see everyone in a meeting with Andrew, he lets everyone know to prepare for a 500% increase in business by October. Andrew wants everyone to be aware and prepare for issues with order fulfillment, holiday staffing, hardware considerations, computer issues, financin...

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