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Cango Discussion Notes On The Customer Service Essay

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Discussion Notes on the Customer Service Process

1. Customer calls in problem by dialing central information phone number.

2. Phone menu system directs customer to choose from the following choices to get to customer service representative:

1. Level 1: Greeting and identify if you have a tone or pulse phone. Choose 1 if you have a tone phone. Stay on the phone if you don't have a tone phone (put on hold for at least 5 minutes). Time spent listening to greeting and identifying type of phone: 30 sec.

2. Level 2: Pick what you are calling about: Choose 1 if you are calling about books. Choose 2 if you are calling about online gaming. Choose 3 if you are calling about any other product. Choose 4 if you want to hear choices repeated. Time spent listening to choices and getting connected to next level: 30 sec.

3. Level 3: Pick why you are calling about books: Choose 1 if you are calling to order a book. Choose 2 if you are calling to set up a new account. Choose 3 if you wish to hear this week's specials. Choose 4 if you wish to speak with a CanGo special representative. Choose 5 if you wan...

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