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Online Gaming – CanGo Operations |
The X-treme Team – Team C May 30, 2011 BUSN 460 Professor: Dr Michael Mcgivern |

Manufacturing and Service Processes (Annie Hogan)
CanGo is considering making investments in the technology in order to improve process flow. In order to better understand the investments they are considering, it is important to fully understand the process choices and the differences between them. The process choices can be viewed on a spectrum with one end being intermittent processes and continuous processes are at the other end. Intermittent processes, or job shops, are generalized and flexible. The workers are skilled and they are able to make a wide range of products. Continuous processes are more specific and meant for more uniform products that can flow through the same operation. The tools are very specialized and the workers are highly skilled. In the middle of the spectrum are repetitive processes. An assembly line is a good example of a repetitive process. While repetitive processes do have some flexibility, they are most efficient when producing the same product over and over. Recommendation:

Because CanGo’s main goal is to launch their online gaming system, the recommendation for their manufacturing process would be to adapt a repetitive process. Online gaming is very generic and uniform, but it is important to leave room for some flexibility in case of a specific issue. CanGo would benefit from a repetitive process because most clients will have the same access to the online gaming system. It is important to have flexibility in the process in case of a technical issue or a customer with limited or expanded access to the system.

Phone Menu and Automatic Storage Retrieval System (Patricia Huey) CanGo needs to implement an upgraded phone menu and an automated storage retrieval system (ASRS) to streamline the operations for the implementation of the online gaming division. Customer service needs to be a top priority along with the ability of processing orders quicker for customer retention. The initial investment seems to be a concern to implement these but in the long-term forecasting it will become profitable for CanGo.

The phone menu seems to be an important consideration since this is typically when the customer has their first experience with CanGo. Initiating change that prompts the customer through voice prompts seems to be the easiest route for the system. There is a need to acknowledge if the customer in regards to the type of phone they are using either tone or pulse. Pulse phones typically require the individual to wait on hold till a next customer service representative is available. There should be a verification of phone number that is associated to the account or the account number itself to identify the customer within the system. After that is established there are additional voice prompts for the customer to indicate where there is an issue so the proper department receives the phone call. The first prompt should be if the call is in regards to online gaming or the other services that CanGo provides such as ordering books. After such selection then the customer would be able to indicate what the reason why they are calling in regards to that service. This could include ordering services, technical issues, the status of an order, or account status. Most of the minor issues could be solved within the voice-prompted menu with automated messages indicating balance and order status. An implementation of such a phone menu system would initially cost around $25,000 for the business but in the end typically provides increases of revenue due to higher customer satisfaction and retention. (Loudin. 1997) Flow Chart (Timothy Isaacs)

To assist in this assignment CanGo should compile a flow chart to ensure that current and proposed processes and changes are efficient. Flow charts allow a pro...

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