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Cango Swot Essay

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SWOT Analysis
CanGo has been able to sustain revenue growth, enjoy a superb net profit margin of 11%, and offer excellent customer service. This is all despite not having a complete understanding of their position in the market or having a solid marketing strategy. The fact that they have risen quite rapidly speaks volumes about their outrageous customer service, product offerings, and expedient internal processes. Their balance sheet is not without flaw, but it shows a strong bottom line. Balance Sheet

ASSETS 31-Dec-09
Cash $20,900,000
Marketable Securities $117,000,000
Accounts Receivable $33,000,000
Less: Allowance for Bad Debts ($880,000)
Net Accounts Receivable $32,120,000

Raw Materials $2,000,000
Work-in-process $1,000,000
Finished Goods $5,000,000
Inventory Purchased for Resale $24,000,00...

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