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Andrew Ching
Government/Period 5
9 November 2012
Doctor-Assisted Suicide
Life is simply a matter of freedom – to live, prosper, fail and even die. For three decades, doctor-assisted suicide has been a hotly debated topic. From the beginning of mankind, suffering has always been within human existence. In contrast to popular belief that euthanasia is a recent phenomenon, doctor-assisted suicide was first introduced at the time medicine was invented. Since then, it has created countless ethical dilemmas, none of which have proven successful to this day. Physicians have an obligation to relieve pain and physical suffering of dying patients in their care. Although other cheaper methods and alternatives to euthanasia are present in the world today, doctor-assisted suicide should be made legal in the United States because it could save a drastic number of vital organs that can be used on other crucial patients, alleviate an endless amount of physical pain and suffering and preserve ...

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