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Government And Politics Essay

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Presidential Powers Related to Public Policy

American Government and Public Affairs
Stefaon Singleton

Tami Erickson
Colorado Technical University

The election of President Barack Obama was a very significant event for the American Government. The American Government has always had a standard to which the country was to be run. Each branch of government was given expressed powers by the constitution. Each branch has a certain job and has certain liabilities regarding the other branches. As the leader of this nation, the president is charged with the nation’s safety and care. He is charged with the welfare of the nation’s finances. The president’s powers are delegated directly from the Second Article of Confederation of the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution expressly states that the president is limited to two four year terms in office. This office is limited to those individuals who are natural born citizens of The United States. The president has the power of veto. This means that if Congress passes a bill and it makes it the president’s desk, he has the power to send it back to Congress to be modified or simply because he does not agree with the bill (Constitution, 1787). The president also has the power to make treaties with foreign nati...

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