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Security Of Government Facilities Are We Essay

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Security of Government Facilities: Are We Secure?
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September 21, 2013
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Security of Government Facilities: Are We Secure?
Our nation is forced to work in secret when it comes to issues of National Security and Military Developments for this nation. I work on a Secured Government Facility and have noticed that the amount of security is seriously lacking on these very critical installations. I was inspired to write about this due to the recent events in regards to the Washington Naval Yard Shooting on September 16, 2013. The Washington Naval Yard is very similar to the facility I work on and I could easily see something like this occurring at my facility. In my paper I will cover ways I feel this event has effected both my family and me and what I have done to minimize this impact. I will also cover how I believe security can improve to minimize the possibility of an incident like this from occurring at my facility. The first impact that I experienced personally was that of f...

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