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Religion Should Not Influence Government Essay

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Religion should not Influence Government
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Religion should not Influence Government
If you woke up tomorrow and found yourself part of a minority group that was treated like a second class citizens and denied civil rights how would you feel? Every day in the United States minority groups are denied basic rights that ever other U.S. citizen is grated. These rights are determined by the United States government that is influenced by religious beliefs, even though our country was founded with the belief of separation of church and state. Proposition 8 Violates the separation of church and state. In the state of California Proposition 8 passed. Proposition 8 would deny gays the right to marry, a civil right that is giving to straight couples. Proposition 8 directly attacked the gay community making them by law inferior and not allowed the same rights as straight couples. Proposition 8 exposed the blurred line between the separation of state and church. The church has used its power in the past dominate over government decisions and discriminate against groups of individuals. This is why our founding fathers of this country separated the church from state. However, it still to this day influences government decisions. The first amendment states that the state may not take principles of religious belief from a religion, any religion, and establish it as the law applicable to all. Yet, proposition 8 was sill passed taking the civil rights from a group of people based on religious groups beliefs (Brosnahan, 2012). The United States Government has debated back and forth weather same-sex marriage should not be allowed in the United States for years. It seems like everyone has their opinions on an issue that may not even affect them in anyway. According to the Supreme Court ruling same-sex marriage is a civil issue. “Civil rights shouldn’t even be a question in a court of law. The Supreme Court has declared that marriage is a basic civil right, older than the Constitution itself. When civil rights are at stake there is no such thing as deserving them; they are intrinsic to our very way of life. Marriage seems as basic to me as the freedom of religion or of speech. Most people don’t question why we have freedom of religion or speech; we have these rights because all free people have them, becau...

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