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IS 330

Open Government Paper

The U.S. and UK present data to people in all sorts of diverse ways. One way is through internet traffic going to their different websites. This paper will look at four different websites, two from the US and two from the UK, and compare and contrast how the data is presented. It will analyze the impact the data has on professional, ethical, legal, security, cultural or social issues and responsibilities. The basic design of the sites, the ease of use, and the type of data presented will also be taken into account. The overall goal will be to get an idea of how these two governments present information to the population they serve.

The first site web site is the WHITE HOUSE. When entering this site, the first thing the viewer will notice is the big weekly address topic panning through the top half of the page. This panning image with links to further information, changes with a few other topics of the day/week which also have links with photos/videos and more information. Another nice aspect is the lack of advertisement. This makes the site standout out as being very professional and important so the reader just focuses on the topics on the page instead of wondering off or getting distracted. There are the typical tabs above the panning topic which allow the viewer to dive deepe...

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