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Is the government efficient

In every aspect of America society the government plays a distinct part in the lives of its citizens, in my topic of discussion I will prove that over all the government is efficient when governing more. I will use two different economists in my essay. Each economist has developed an authority in their opinion of the role of government. The first of the two economist is; Jeremy Bentham, he is the father of the Utilitarianism theory. The other is, Vilfredo Pareto, who is the father of the Pareto effect. In order to prove my argument to be true I will first give a little back ground information on both economists. Then I will use some real examples of where the government enforces their power; with each example I will correlate the relevant economist, by doing this at the end of this essay it will be evident that government role is most efficient when governing more. Jeremy Bentham will be the first economist we will talk about because of his contribution to the theory of Utilitarianism. He believed that the efficient degree of redistribution on three building block. From this concept we have better understanding of the two different economic tears of society, the rich and the poor. The first of the three building blocks, happiness of a society consists of the sum of the happiness of its members. The next building block, an efficient allocation of resources is the one that maximizes the happiness of society. In other words if only a small percentage of society is happy then the society is inefficient. Finally, the happiness that a person gets from an additional dollar decreases as the number of dollars that person has increases. Jer...

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