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Whether It Is Important That Government Essay

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 Whether it is important that government take regulation over organ sales? Leslie People have higher life expectancy and the demand for replacement of human organs such as kidneys is also increasing. Unfortunately, the demand exceeds the organ supply. To obtain an organ some people will resort to illegal ways including unofficial organ transaction or even organs’ stealing. As the demand for organ increases, it is very important for governments to enforce regulations because if they do not, the crimes associated with people trying to obtain organs will pose a threat to the public and unfairly benefit others. However, some people argued that governments should not tell us what to do with our bodies, but as the unregulated system would cause so many problems, this argument is unjustifiable.

The statistics from 2011 Annual Date Report of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services suggest that the demand of kidney exceeds the supply of it . If patients do not have a chance to do the organ transplant in time, death will be an inevitable result . More than 5,000 patients were removed from the waiting list yearly because they died earlier. Also, the number of donors is continuously decreasing .

Apart from waiting for the donors’ organs, the black market is another way to acquire il...

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