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‘The main factor affecting the rights of African Americans in the period 1865-1941 was federal government action’

During the period 1865-1941 a lot had happened in the regards to the rights of African Americans. The practice of formal segregation between blacks and whites had been introduced and implemented and the rights of the African Americans were experiencing very little improvement. From looking at the sources I can see that the majority of them agree with the statement however it is not entirely accurate.

Source one is a speech from President Rutherford B. Hayes during his inaugural address. As it is his inaugural address, he is attempting to gain support and will want please as many people as he can. He claims he wants to promote the interest of ‘the whites and the colored people both and equally’ which suggests he wants to create an equal society. However, he was a white southerner who was racist and he therefore is unlikely to follow through with his proposition. During the time, an electoral commission had found in favour of Hayes, whose path to office was smoothed with an agreement, later known as the compromise. This agreed that the democrats would acc...

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