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Government And Bullying Essay

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Senior Thesis

Should the government put laws into place to prevent bullying?

Many people say that causes of bullying come from our surrounding.For example family problems,cultural causes,social issuses and mainly bully's personal history. These issuses cause the victims to commit suicides and not only that but to actually kill the person that bullied them. These issuses are around us but we do not really pay attention to them unless we are the victims or someone that has a close relationship with us . In this case should government put laws into place to prevet bullying? Is is possible to prevent all these accidents from happening?

According to the bullying statisctic program over 160,000 kids miss school everyday because they are afraid of being bullied. Also according to this program bullying is increasing rapidly each year. The bullying tactics that are commonly used in todays society are cyber bullying and verbal abuses. Online blogs like Facebook,Twitter and other commonly used websites are the easiest ways to bully. Disrespectful comments,posts and shameful pictures are being posted everyday just so everyone can see them and so everyone can see th...

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