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Government Vs People Essay

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English 1010
2 April 2013
Argument Analysis Essay
In the first given argument “Absolutely. Government Has No Business Interfering with What You Eat” written by Bradley Balko policy analyst with the Cato Institute, Balko claims that our government should work towards a personal sense of responsibility for our individual health and well-being. Though it is reasonable to assume Balko makes valid points in his article there are little facts to support this claim.

In the second given argument “Not If Blaming the Victim Is Just an excuse to Let Industry Off the Hook” written by Kelly Brownell a professor and chair of psychology at Yale University and Marrion Nestle a professor in the Department of Nutrition at New York University.

This article is supported by professors that have degrees and knowledge that support their claim making Brownell and Nestle’s argument the strongest.
In the article written by Balkoa it states more opinion then actual facts to back his claim. He assumes that all people that are overweight are so because they eat too much. ...

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