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This paper aims to critically examine the article from Sydney Morning Herald 'Cigarette Plain Packaging Increases Desire to Quit Smoking, says study’ by Lucy Carroll (22 July 2013), demonstrating the survey of 536 smokers conducted by Cancer Council Victoria before the PPL came into effect in 2012.

Result of survey was promising that it clearly showed what the psychological impact the plain packaging could bring about. The smokers said that they were having significantly less satisfaction when smoking from the plain packaged products. This means that when all tobacco products become plain-packaged under the new legislation, the smokers will be less motivated to purchase the products. Furthermore, it is mentioned that it is giving great confidence to Australia government and others who are considering plain packaging.

As one of the leading ‘Mixed economy’ country, Australia became the first country to introduce the ‘Plain Packaging Legislation (PPL)’ (Clarke & David, 2012: 304-310). It required cigarettes to be on a market shelves with a standard, dark brown colour packaging with the warning picture and message (Australian Government,...

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