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Marketing Plan For Educational Institution University Essay

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Marketing Strategy Purpose Group

President MEU Chair : Mr. Janardhanan Pariyarath

Chancellor :
Vice Chancellor :
Head of Student Services and
Enrollment :
Dean of Graduate Program :
Dean of Post Graduate Program :
HOD School of Nursing :
HOD, School of Management :
HOD School of Pharmacy :
Admissions Director :
Student/Staff Member – MEU :
Chancellor’s Advisor :
Marketing Team :
The Marketing Strategy Purpose Group MEU IS TO BE CONDUCTED ON……………………………………………………………… Purpose
The goals of the Marketing Strategy Purpose Group are to:
 Define target student populations for MEU
 Determine academic programs to be promoted
 Establish a marketing plan that focuses on increasing enrollment

The Marketing Strategy Purpose Group is here submitting the (FOR APPROVAL) MARKETING PLAN GUIDING PRINCIPLES TO President Mr. Janardhanan Pariyarath to use as a guide EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Enrollment growth is of strategic importance to the future of the Middle East University. Marketing is an integral element of any recruitment activity. The Marketing Strategy Purpose Group (SPG) IS TO BE FORMED. All of the offices departments and staff have to pool the resources and funding in order to reach a broader audience of potential students. This partnership has been a positive step in achieving enrollment goals, and must continue in the future with the support of other departments across the campus. With the Marketing Plan Guiding Principles as a starting point, the Purpose Group began to determine actions that must be taken in order to improve enrollment and strengthen the overall image of the MEU

Using research from a number of sources, the Purpose Group IS TO IDENTIFY a pool of academic programs for promotion to potential students.

 Bachelor and post bachelor program under School of Nursing B. Core mix of programs of MEU
 Bachelor and post bachelor program under school of Management  Bachelor and post bachelor program under school of Arts
 Bachelor and post bachelor program under school of pharmacy  PHD Program
C. Tie-up programs of MEU
MBA, MCOM, MA, BBA, BCOM, BA, BSC – Calicut University.

Target Audiences

 Target Audiences – Health care Industries, Hospitals, Medical
 Target Audiences – Traditional Fresher’s from schools for graduate
 Target Audiences – Community College for post graduate program  Target Audiences – Traditional Students (Employed expatriates)  Target Audiences – Diverse Student Body

Marketing activities among the above targeted audience include: • Research
• Recruitment Geographic Range
• Image Building/Promotion of the University as a Quality Institution • Web Site/E-recruiting
• Promotion of Academic Programs and Halo Programs
• Scholarship Development
• Enrollment Advisory Group
• Internal Communication
• Internal Marketing
• Television and Radio
• Media Relations
• Visit Programs
• Alumni
• Community Involvement

Based on demand from prospective students and growth potential and employment trends. Halo Programs were decided based on the positive effect of these quality programs on the overall image of the university. It was Decided that there will be overall promotion for academic programs, however research is also used to ascertain which marketing tools were the most effective for promotion to MEU’s primary target audiences.

Finally, it is recommended that funding be increased for promotion, including funding for new research to be implemented that will assist in the marketing effort for MEU. In order to make the most effective marketing decisions, research will be needed.


A. Strengthen our connection to the MEU without diminishing our identity.

B. Reinforce the university’s image as:
a. An institution of academic excellence
b. A comprehensive university with the intimacy of a small college. c. A campus where the student is the center of the universe
A. on our target population, which consists of five prospective groups: a) Target Audiences – Health care Industries, Hospitals, Medical organizations b) Target Audiences – Traditional Fresher’s from schools for graduate programs and Community College for post graduate program c) Target Audiences – Traditional Students (Employed expatriates) d) Target Audiences – Diverse Student Body

C. Concentrate on promoting a small number of academic programs, selected on the basis of these considerations: a) Extraordinary quality and/or reputation: halo programs.
b) High demand program
c) Enrollment flexibility (e.g., online, evening and weekend courses) While capacity should be a factor in certain cases, the choice of programs should ...

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