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How Should The U S Government Spend Essay

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How Should the U.S. Government Spend Tax Dollars during Economic Hardship?

In a plunging economy the world is weathering I’m inclined to stress the importance of how taxpayers’ dollars are spent. I believe that taxpayer’s funds should be used to better everyone’s situation and used where there is the most need. Due to the recession that the United States government has been plagued by due to unaccounted revenue, therefore, resulting in a negative lash back. Therefore, the government is forced to make better choices as it relates to ensuring that services are covered now and down the line. In order for this recession to turn around and receive some positive feedback the focus needs to shift to where the tax dollars are being spend and is it the best use of the funds.

The federal government is in charge of funding a number of services through the federal budget each year. The fiscal year operates from October 1 through September 30. A couple of the services include social security, medicare benefits, national defense and net interest to name a few. Tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans must be allowed to expire as planned at the end of next year – returning tax rates for the top 2% of Americans to their levels during the 1990s when we enjoyed both...

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