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How Far Was The Federal Government Essay

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How far was the federal government and Supreme Court responsible for changes to the status of Black African Americans? The federal government and the Supreme Court were responsible for some of the changes in the status of black African Americans, however this was mostly through pressure from other factors such as from presidents, mass action and civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King, which had a far greater impact than through their own initiatives. These other factors, especially mass action were much more important. The Governments job was to carry through and vote on the decisions made by the presidents during this time. However in many cases the presidents were pushing for new legislation on civil rights to improve the lives of black African Americans which the government and congress tried to hold back. One member of congress filibustered for more than 24 hours against improvements to civil rights. This was a representation of many members of congress who were racist and so personally opposed to any improvements in the lives of black people. On the other hand some legislation such as the 1964 civil rights act was passed and couldn’t have been without the support of congress and the government. The Supreme Court gave rulings that could change the interpretation of laws regarding civil rights. The Plessy vs Fergusson ruling had led to a view of ‘separate but equal’ that was...

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