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Governments Highest Priority Essay

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Government Structure

Assignment# 1

Yuming Lu

Canada is well known as the second biggest country with only few populations. In recent years, the small amount of population is becoming the main factor caused the slow developing of Canadian economy. At the same time, the development of economy is reported as one of most important target Canadian government. . As a result, the factors will able to help the economic growth should be considered as the work objectives for Canadian government.

It is a common sense; international trade and the import of talent are the most efficient way to accelerate the development for economy. According to Richard Florida’s paper, “Talent Beats Trade in Economic Development” It show as the importance of the talents for economy growth. In short, Canadian government should attract talents though the improvement of social welfare. Therefore, it is necessary for Canada government put Education problem, Healthcare problem, and Unemployment problem as their top objectives.

Firstly, an excellent education system is able to cultivate person with talents and attract the talents. High salary, social welfare, and personal safety...

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