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III. The Coming of Independence
A. Britain’s Colonial Policies
1. Approval of 3 colonies were separately controlled and established by the King 2. Governed in London (3,000 miles away) People weren’t used to normal government with authority 3. Colonial legislatures assumed the broad lawmaking powers would work best a. The governor had to come to terms before deciding on the salary amount b. “Let us keep the doges poor, and we’ll make them do as we please.” 4. Found the Power of Purse to be the most affective

5. The regulations made by parliament (trade) were ignored
6. King George takes the throne
a. Trade acts were enforced mainly to support the British troops b. Restrictive trading acts expanded and were enforced more heavily 7. Colonists objected
a. Brought up the phrase “taxation without representation” b. Believed there was no need for British troops in America
8. The king’s ministers pushed for the public policies, and the colonists were forced to choose to submit or revolt B. Ben Franklin’s Voice On The Government
a. Served as a delegate to the Second Continental Congress
b. Served as a commissioner to France during the War for Independence c. Served as a member of the Constitutional Convention
d. Proposed the Albany Plan of Union to provide for the defense of the American colonies C. Growing Colonial Unity
1. Early Attempts
a. Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, New Haven & Connecticut formed the New England Confederation b. A Confederation is the joining of several groups for a common purpose c. The New England Confederation formed the “League of Friendship” as a defense against the Native Americans d. 1696- William Penn offered a plan for international cooperation. (Trade, defense, criminal matters) 2. The Albany Plan

a. Main purpose was to discuss the problems of the colonial trade and the dangerous attacks of the French and their allies b. At the meeting of seven, Ben Franklin composed the Albany Plan of Union c. Delegates (representatives) of each of the 13 colonies. They would hold power to raise military and naval forces, make war and peace with the Native Americans, regulate trade with them, and collect their custom duties d. Plan was accepted and then repealed by the colonies and the crown 3. The Stamp Act Congress

a. Stamp Act of 1765 (The use of tax stamps ...

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