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Purposes And Levels Of Government Essay

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Through the ages, there have been governments wherever there has been a significant number of people. Governments are formed because groups need an organized effort to create and enforce rules that control conduct within the population. You see governments within many different groups. Besides your town government, governing occurs within groups ranging from Garden Clubs to Scout Troops. The ruling members are put in their places of authority to create and enforce rules that govern the conduct within the group of people with whom they meet. Governments also exist in order to assist society to improve in tangible and intangible ways. Governments serve to help in both these areas. Our forefathers believed strongly in freedom and equality. These two ideals became the basic of principles of American government. Differences of opinion regarding religion and politics were respected. Most of the early colonists came to America to escape the tyranny of European kings. In other countries one religious group may predominate, thus making it nearly impossible for others of different beliefs to exist openly. The United States is one of the few countries that practices religious tolerance. Local governments help in tangible ways with creation of mass transportation, libraries, local parks,...

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