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Government Bureaucracy In The Philippines Essay

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Philippine Government Bureaucracy

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Judd Danielle Y. Garcia
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Mrs. Maria Diana Dela Vega
Malayan Colleges Laguna


According to Max Weber, Bureaucracy is a distinct form of organization that is ideal for the government. It is structured by hierarchy of offices. These offices are ranked in a hierarchical order and their operations are characterized by impersonal rules. Each office has its own task in which they follow the rules of the government as a whole.

In the Philippines, the government bureaucracies include different offices or agencies such as Department of Justice, Department of Science and Technology, Depart of Education, Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of National Defense, Department of Energy, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Trade and Industry, Bureau of Customs, Bureau of Immigration, Bureau of the Treasury, and many more. These departments, agencies, or bureaus have different tasks in which they implement the laws, rules, and regulations of the Philippines. In a sense, they coordinate with one another and implement the policies of the Philippine Government. Also, the performance of the executive branch of the government, which is the performance of the president, can be evaluated through the performance of the bureaus/departments/offices, since all of them are under the President.

Also, the Philippine Government Bureaucracy has been perceived as inefficient because it has failed to produce and deliver public goods and services. Moreover, the Philippine bureaucracy is strongly attached to politics which makes it difficult to operate effectively and independently. The people perceive the bureaucracy as “red-tape” or “buck passing”, which makes it be viewed negatively. Hence, if bureaucracy is not controlled, it will work primarily on its own interests. Bureaucracy has good intentions, but if it is not monitored, it may really be perceived as ineffective.

As to the Philippine President’s governance, Benigno Aquino III launches initiatives that will further institutionalize good governance. He wanted to strengthen the government and the civil service so that the people’s money is spent well, especially because of the issue about the pork barrel scam that the country is facing currently. He pointed out his principle, “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap”. The Philippine president wanted to promote good governance even after his reign. With this, whoever will sit right after him will or may continue the principle.

Generally, the President of the Philippines has general supervision...

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