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Houston County Board of Education Job Description Classified Positions Job Title Special Ed. Paraprofessional___ Department/Location _School Site______ Reports To ___School Principal________ Pay Scale Job Code ___436____________ FLSA Status Non-Exempt__ Date _____November 5, 2006_____

CLS 024 with high school or GED CLS 026 with 60 semester hrs /90 quarter hrs or more

Summary and relationship to the curriculum: All classified positions will strengthen the delivery of instruction to support the system mission statement. This position is to help provide a well organized, smoothly functioning classroom environment so each child will be successful. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Assists teacher in planning, preparation, and implementation of class activities as described by Individualized Education Program. 2. Assists students, individually or in a group, with lesson assignments to reinforce learning concepts. 3. Assists the teacher in the record keeping and data ...

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