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Essay On The Role Of Government Essay

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There is no doubt that a government plays an important part in developing one country. Some people hold a position that a government should not only build roads, control the national military, and provide water for its citizens but also provide all other services. However, others stand a very different ground.One of the most important things that we, as thinking beings, can ask ourselves is "What is the role of government in the development of the society?" But to answer it, we must first define government in a manner that satisfies all of us. The thing that separates a government from any other civic or social organization is that governments may legally initiate the use of force. Only government has this power, which is called the police power. And politics is nothing more than deciding how this power should be used. That's why, when Chairman Mao Zedong said, "All political power comes from the barrel of a gun," he was not philosophising or speaking in abstract. He was stating a basic axiom. Bear that in mind. Any time you elect a legislator, mayor, or other government official, you are hiring them to hold and use a gun on the people, including yourself. They may not do so directly, but anyone with the power to pass laws or write regulations has the power to decide when the police should come after you. And "you are disobeying a law" is always a reason enough. Government is the same thing, only in groups. The point of having a government is to organize force for the defence of a group or community (be it a neighbourhood, a town, a city, a state, or a nation). And the government is us. So at what point does it become justice for the government to do by force that which it is unjust for us to do by force? This essay will outline some arguments for and against the importance of a government’s role in providing services for its people.


"The purpose of government is to accomplish goals that cannot be met through individual cooperation alone. “The relevance of government is to defend our lives, our liberty, and our property, from those who would violate them, and to punish those who do so by making them pay us restitution. When a government limits itself to this, people are pleased with it, to the very limited extent that they have to think about it at all. And they do not care whether it is an autocracy, an oligarchy, a democracy, a despot, or a republic -- except for those who want to use the police power to compel others to do their will. If we are going to have a just society, we must limit government to its core functions: protection of life, protection of liberty, protection of property, punishing those who transgress those rights, and gaining restitution from them for their victims. First of all, usually only the government is expected to provide some urban infrastructure, fundamental services, basic socialamenities like electricity, bore holes, hospitals, good roads etc. People pay the tax to bring the government come into existence and maintain its operation. Therefore, they deserve to get all services which are provided by the gover...

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