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Ezekiel C. Hernandez Philippine Constitution
BSAT – III Case Digest (Film Analysis)

In Los Angeles, the structural engineer Theodore Crawford caught his wife Jennifer Crawford having an affair with Lieutenant Robert Nunally in a swimming pool of a certain hotel. When Jennifer arrives at home, Ted shoots her on the head that leads her to comatose. He confesses the committed crime to Nunally but took back the confession on the arraignment. Ted pleads not guilty and chooses to defend himself in the court. Meanwhile, Willy Beachum, a rising star deputy district attorney join the private civil-law firm Wooton Sims but recognized the case as he measures that this case precisely easy to resolved. As the case goes on, Crawford acts as his own attorney and reveals to the court that Nunally was having an affair with his wife which whilst present during the cross-examination. Crawford confessed and admit...

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