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Ap Comparative Government Democratization Questions Essay

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Democratic Regime
The government in place is elected by the people in free elections. Procedural Democracy
Procedural democracies have free and fair elections.
Substantive Democracy
Citizens are free and they have certain rights in addition to having a procedural democracy. Democratization
It is the process of a government becoming more democratic. Level of Economic Development
Level of economic development refers to the stage of the economy of a country. Democratization from Above
This is when the current ruler introduces democratic reforms. Democratization from Below
This is when the public demand democratic changes, so the government is forced to democratize. Military Dictatorships
The military tightly rules the country.
Democratic Consolidation
This refers to when the democracy of a country has been ingrained into the institutions of a country. Military Coup
A military coup is when the military forcibly takes over the government. Illiberal Democracy
Illiberal democracies have a procedural democracy, but some rights have been limited. Rule of Law
Each citizen of the country, no matter what role they play, is given equal treatment under rule of law.

Reading Questions
1. Which of the following comes first, substantive or procedural democracy? Why? Explain the difference between the two. Procedural democracies come first and are followed by substantive democracies. Substantive democracies have a procedural democracy in place, with some rights added. A procedural democracy is a democracy that has free and fair elections. Procedural democracies do not have to have those rights.

2. What are some of the major characteristics of a...

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