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Public Transport
Letting someone else concentrate on the driving means individuals can work or rest en-route and arrive fresher and better prepared. In this section, find out more about the benefits of using public transport and how to encourage greater use of buses and trains. Scotland's Public Transport network

Scotland's public transport network is improving all the time, with dedicated bus lanes, express intercity bus services and new and improved rail services offering fast, reliable and less polluting ways to travel.

Going by rail
New train services and even brand new lines and stations have opened with more to come in future. On many trains, you'll find at-seat power points and Wi-Fi access - great for business travellers - while passenger facilities at stations are improving too. Park it, bus it

Park and Ride schemes are being built across Scotland, making it easier for car users to catch public transport into our cities. That means we all benefit from less congestion and faster bus journeys on routes that need fewer vehicles as a result and therefore cause less pollution.

Better buses
Buses themselves increasingly provide improved facilities such as Wi-Fi access, comfortable seats, real-time journey information at some bus stops and better accessibility. Why encourage use of Public Transport?

Public transport is often quicker and cheaper than using a car - especially in congested urban ...

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