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Government Corrupt Essay

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The Corrupt
Hayley Davison

Deception or honesty? Fraud or fairness? What characteristics describe the government? As this quote states "Today, large portions of Americans believe that most or all politicians are corrupt, that government serves the interest of the few, and that government is dominated by the wealthy and powerful." Is this statement valid?

Over the years different leaders have changed the ways of the government. Some systems or leaders more corrupt than others. Some more sly and conniving than others. During Warren G. Harding's presidency, his administration took over due to his lack of authority and being "unprepared" for the role of president. The biggest disgrace during his term was the Tea Pot Dome Scandal. The key word "scandal." There should not be any scandals happening under the nose of the nation's leader. In The Tea Pot Dome Scandal, "Secretary of the Interi...

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