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Scandal And The Government Essay

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Scandal In All Forms
In today’s society most social media has a political concept. In some media it is obvious while others the message is more subliminal. Scandal is a TV show centered around our American government and man political concept. The show is centered around a love triangle Between the president, the first lady, and his ex campaign manager, and the main character, Olivia pope “A former White House communications director opens a Washington, D.C. crisis-management firm (Web, TV guide).” There are twist turns and cliff hangers around every corner when watching scandal. Each new episode unravels a secret battle that the characters have within themselves and the government. Capitalism, Tyranny, Elitism, and Utilitarianism are all present in the political drama Scandal.

An example of capitalism in the popular show scandal comes from a secret organization called B613. In the show the organization is similar to the secretive C.I.A however, Instead of answering to the President, B613 answer to no one . Mr. Pope controls everything and has final say on all. He works coincide with the republic party. Whether or not information is reveled or the information is sealed is in his control. The sole purpose of B613 is to protect the republican party and keep them in office. Since the organization does not have to report to the president, they handle all problems how Mr. Pope see fit. The mo...

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