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Thelma And Louise And The Government Essay

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Social and Moral Policies of Government within Thelma and Louise Brent Farrell
Capella University
August 26, 2012
Fed up with their lives thus far, “Thelma and Louise” is both a tragic and fascinating story of two women looking for better satisfaction within their lives. Between the two of them, they are tired of living life by rules set in place by society, or loved ones, and want to try to find freedom. Thelma is in an oppressive relationship at the hands of her husband. Together, both Thelma and Louise go out on a weekend trip, to try to find a new life. As events happen, the road ahead for these two women is rough and dangerous. What starts out as a trip turns out to be a tragic life of running as fugitives. Both women commit crimes along their way which makes them criminals sought after by state and federal authorities. Louise, who was a former victim of rape, shoots a man who tried to rape Thelma and is immediately linked to the murder. Louise therefore cannot go back home and keeps on running while her friend Thelma is not ready to leave her side. When the two friends become broke, Thelma remembers a line from a hitchhiker that they had picked up, and robs a gas station with an unknown amount of money. Before Thelma and Louise decide to tragically end their life by running the car that they are driving into a canyon, they realize how much they meant to one another over the time span of a few days. This film can be used to analyze the relationship between people and the government. Through analysis of the major characters in the movie, it is easy to construct the relationship between socie...

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