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Government Quiz 1 Essay

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What is a system of government in which members of the polity meet to discuss all policy decisions and then agree to abide by majority rule? Select one:
a. tyranny
b. oligarchy
c. direct democracy
d. monarchy
e. democracy
ans c

In general, which of the following is true about the U.S. population? Select one:
a. It is getting older.
b. It is less affected by immigration than in earlier years. c. It is mostly under the age of thirty.
d. It is required to own property.
e. It is becoming less diverse.
What are republics?
Select one:
a. another name for states
b. direct democracies
c. a hallmark of unitary governments
d. representative democracies
e. forms of government frequently found in totalitarian regimes D

Which of the following is a true statement about moderates?
Select one:
a. They largely support an overhaul of the welfare system.
b. They believe that a temperate view is the best approach to politi...

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