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A One World Government Essay

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A government that controls and governs the whole world, also known as a one-world government, seems like a very unconvincing idea. Though, as we advance into the future, signs of a one-world government are beginning to show. One sign that a one-world government may be coming is the forming of multi-national governments and international organizations. So how likely is it that a one-world government will occur? The possibility is highly likely that a one-world government will occur.

A significant scheme involved with the one-world government conspiracy is the Illuminati theory. It is widely believed that the Illuminati are placed in key potions in governments throughout the world. They are placed in these positions to shape policies of the government to reach their objective. Their primary objective is to have complete and total control of the world.

The Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria. He created the Illuminati to push towards global governance, financed by the “International Bankers”. This goal was thought to be reached my dividing people into different camps depending on different social and political issues. This sounds very similar to something that is going on now. Ultimately, nations would become weak to due the different sides being armed and incidents causing the...

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