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Role Of The United States Government Essay

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Global Expansion of US Media Industries 1


by Lunlalit Niyomtas Student ID : 14060193

Global Media 2MED7H3 Professor Daya Thussu

School of Media, Arts and Design University of Westminster

Global Expansion of US Media Industries 2

Introduction In the recent past, we cannot deny that the media industry has experienced monumental growth both in terms of revenues and global expansion. Like other businesses, such as banking and manufacturing, the media business has enjoyed globalized operations to expand and grow, becoming one of the biggest conglomerates in the world. World media has proactively employed information technology and advancement in communication to expand their operations spanning several nations and continents. The news sector of world media seems to have captured most audience. Big corporations such as Cable News Network (CNN), Fox News, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and CBS dominate the news corporations with a worldwide reach. In the same regard, entertainment media, such as movies and television shows have also experienced immense growth. Companies from the U.S., for instance Walt Disney, Time Warner, News Corporation and New York Times Company are some of the biggest companies in world media market. U.S. firms have been able to pose formidable media entities in print and digital media services. They have also played an active role in asserting the views of the West with respect to the world issues and, therefore, becoming key players in the global media industry. Thus, for such commendable growth to be witnessed, the United States government must have, in one way or another, assisted these firms to grow and expand to the global market. While the U.S. government has always maintained zero interference in media, such policy is by itself is an active role. This essay wi...

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